Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dial Global Announces 2012 NCAA Football schedule

Dial Global will produce 15 regular season telecasts and 3 post-season college tilts for the 2012 season. Perhaps the most surprising move is that they didn't pick up a USC road game. Even more surprising is that the early schedule only lists 1 game a week whereas they've had 2 games a week for the past 4 years, and the most shocking development of all is the Cotton Bowl is now gone from Dial Global's broadcast schedule. Most times are still TBA. Below is the schedule announced by Dial Global for 2012.

September 1:
6:30 PM- Auburn vs. Clemson

September 3:
7:30 PM- Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech

September 8:
TBA- Washington at LSU

September 15:
TBA- Alabama at Arkansas

September 22:
TBA- Clemson at Florida State

September 29:
TBA- Ohio State at Michigan State
7:30 PM- Wisconsin at Nebraska

October 6:
TBA- Oklahoma at Texas Tech

October 13:
TBA- South Carolina at LSU

October 20:
TBA- Virginia Tech at Clemson

October 27:
3 PM- Georgia vs. Florida

November 3:
7:30 PM- Alabama at LSU

November 10:
TBA- Arkansas at South Carolina

November 17:
TBA- Stanford at Oregon

November 24:
11:30 AM- Michigan at Ohio State

December 1:
3:30 PM- SEC Championship

December 8:
2 PM- Army vs. Navy

January 5:
11:30 AM- FCS Championship

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