Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015-16 English Premier League Matchday 3 TV & National Radio Schedule


NBC has released their coverage info for this weeks English Premier League matches. The English Premier League returns to its normal Saturday- Monday slot this week. However there is one change that should be noted.

In the previous 2 years when NBCSN couldn't air the match due to motorsports obligations, the match was shifted to CNBC. This season that will apparently NOT be the case. Comcast/NBC has shifted Sunday mornings match to USA Network, further resolving the idea the USA will be the second cable home behind only NBCSN for ALL English Premier League matches. 

Here's your Matchday 3 schedule. Most announcers will be filled in when the information becomes available, likely on Friday & during live broadcasts. 

Saturday, August 22
7:45 AM- Manchester United vs Newcastle United (NBCSN) Peter Drury, Jim Beglin
(talkSPORT/Westwood OneRichard Connelly, Clive Walker
(NBCU) Sammy Sadovnik, Manuel Sol

10 AM- Premier League Now (Westwood One) Adam Bridge

10 AM- Leicester City vs Tottenham Hotspur (NBCSN) Phil Blacker, Trevor Francis
(talkSPORT/Westwood One) Alex Crook, Ramon Vega

10 AM- Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa (USA) Gary Taphouse, Dean Sturridge
(talkSPORT/Westwood One) Matt Davis

10 AM- Norwich City vs Stoke City (NBCET) Tony Jones, Iain Dowie
(talkSPORT/Westwood One) Dan Windle

10 AM- Sunderland vs Swansea City (NBCET) David Stowell, Neil McCann
(talkSPORT/Westwood One) Barry Swain

10 AM- West Ham United vs Bournemouth (NBCET) Joe Speight, Tony Gale
(talkSPORT/Westwood One) Ian Williams

Sunday, August 23
8:30 AM- West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea (USA) Jon Champion, Andy Townsend
(talkSPORT/Westwood One) John Anderson, Sam Parkin
(NBCUCopán Álvarez, Manuel Sol

11 AM- Everton vs Manchester City (NBCSN) Arlo White, Lee Dixon
(World Feed) Peter Drury, Jim Beglin
(talkSPORT/Westwood One) Phil Blacker, Adrian Clark
(TELEAndrés Cantor, Manuel Sol

11 AM- Watford vs Southampton (NBCET) Gary Weaver, Ray Houghton
(talkSPORT/Westwood One) Toby Gilles

Monday, August 24
3 PM- Arsenal vs Liverpool (NBCSN) Arlo White, Lee Dixon
(World Feed) Peter Drury, Andy Townsend
(talkSPORT/Westwood One) Tom Rennie, Rhys Weston
(NBCU) Sammy Sadovnik, Manuel Sol

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