Friday, October 26, 2012

Compass Media announces College Basketball schedule (subject to additions)

The first of 3 the big boys in terms of national radio broadcasts has been announced. Compass Media Networks will broadcast 16 regular season games and the entire Big Ten tournament during the 2012-13 NCAA Basketball season. It shouldn't be long before Dial Global and ESPN Radio announce their schedules as well (especially since those two have many of the preseason tournaments), but for the moment, this should get college basketball fans happy.

Compass Media's first broadcast won't take place until December, and only 2 games will be shown in December. Perhpas surprising is that Compass Media will broadcast a home-and-home series for the first time as they air both regular season matches between North Carolina and NC State. Drew Bontadelli and Gregg Daniels return as the play-by-play voices for Compass Media's NCAA coverage. They will be joined by a rotating panel of college basketball analysts which include Mike Wozniak, Steve Lappas, and Tim Hardaway. Every game this year will feature someone from a power conference- ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, and Big East. Here's the 2012-13 Compass Media schedule.

Thursday, December 6- 7:15 PM- Vanderbilt at Kentucky
Saturday, December 14- 6:45 PM- UNC Charlotte at Miami [FL]
Saturday, January 5- 2 PM- Ohio State at Illinois (Gregg Daniels, Steve Lappas)
Sunday, January 13- 7:45 PM- Maryland at Miami [FL] (Gregg Daniels, Steve Lappas)
Tuesday, January 15- 8:45 PM- Wisconsin at Indiana
Monday, January 21- 9:15 PM- Texas at Oklahoma
Tuesday, January 22- 6:45 PM- Michigan State at Wisconsin
Saturday, January 26- 6:45 PM- North Carolina at NC State
Saturday, February 9- 11:45 AM- Michigan at Wisconsin
Saturday, February 16- 6:45 PM- Baylor at Kansas State
Sunday, February 17- 11:45 AM- Ohio State at Wisconsin
Tuesday, February 19- 8:45 PM- Florida at Missouri
Saturday, February 23- 3:45 PM- NC State at North Carolina
Tuesday, February 26- 6:45 PM- Memphis at Xavier
Tuesday, March 5- 8:45 PM- Ohio State at Indiana
Saturday, March 9- 8:45 PM- Duke at North Carolina
Thursday, March 14- Sunday, March 17- Big Ten Tournament

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