Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013-14 Women's College Basketball Division 1 Week 12 National TV Schedule

Missing announcing assignments will be filled in as they become available.

Thanks go to conference media contacts, school game notes, and Kenneth Fangs of Fangs Bites for helping to fill in these assignments.
Monday, January 20
3 PM- Oregon State at UCLA (Pac-12) Anne Marie Anderson, Mary Murphy

4:30 PM- Drake at Wichita State (MVC TV, FCS Central, ESPN3) Scott Warmann, Jill Hutchison

5 PM- California at Arizona (Pac-12) Aaron Goldsmith, Rosalyn Gold-Onwude

6 PM- Morgan State at Hampton (ESPN3) Booker Coorigan, Christy Winters Scott

7 PM- Notre Dame at Tennessee (ESPN2) Beth Mowins, Stephanie White

7 PM- Mount Saint Mary's at Saint Francis [PA] (ESPN3) Paul Dottino, Pam Roecker, Brenda Milano

7 PM- Wake Forest at Clemson (ACC Regional, ESPN3) Tom Werme, Debbie Antonelli

7 PM- Stanford at Arizona State (Pac-12) Jim Watson, Tammy Blackburn

Tuesday, January 21
7 PM- Oklahoma at Iowa State (Fox Sports 1) Ron Thulin, Brenda VanLengen

7 PM- Cincinnati at South Florida (American Digital) Bob Picozzi, Debbie Antonelli

8 PM- Louisville at Houston (ESPN3) Dave Raymond, Steffi Sorensen

Wednesday, January 22
7 PM- Memphis at Connecticut (SNY, ESPN3) Eric Frede, Meghan Culmo, Kerith Burke

7 PM- Navy at Lehigh (Service Electric 2, Patriot League Network) Mike Zambelli, Jim Wills

7 PM- Rutgers at UCF (American Digital) Bob Picozzi, Debbie Antonelli

8 PM- Oklahoma State at Kansas (Jayhawk TV Network, ESPN3) Nate Bukaty, Brenda VanLengen

Thursday, January 23
5 PM- Mercer at USC Upstate (ESPN3) Matt Smith, Jim Hennehan

6 PM- Stephen F. Austin at Oral Roberts (ESPN3) Lyn Rollins, Jim Haller, Chris Mycoskie

6 PM- Ball State at Toledo (TWCS, Comcast Indiana, BCSN2, ESPN3) Mike Cairns, Jackie Windon

6:30 PM- Florida at Tennessee (FS SportSouth, ESPN3) Dave Neal, Stephanie Ready

6:30 PM- Maryland at Virginia (ACC Regional, ESPN3) Mike Hogewood, Chelsea Shine

7 PM- Northwestern at Purdue (BTN) LaChina Robinson, Kevin Lee

7 PM- William & Mary at UNC Wilmington (NBC Regional, CAA.TV) John Castleberry, Jody Patrick

7 PM- Clemson at Syracuse (TWCS New York) Mark Larson, George Straub

7 PM- Longwood at Liberty (ESPN3) Matt Hogue, Kelley Deyo

7 PM- Duke at Florida State (ESPN3) Tom Block, Melissa Bruner

7 PM- Stony Brook at Vermont (ESPN3) Ed Cohen, Vera Jones

7 PM- Jacksonville at Florida Gulf Coast (ESPN3) David Moulton, J. Webb Horton

8 PM- Wright State at Milwaukee (TWCS Wisconsin, HLN) Bob Brainerd, Maria Viall

8:30 PM- Miami at Notre Dame (ACC Regional, ESPN3) Tom Werme, Debbie Antonelli

8:30 PM- Northern Colorado at Northern Arizona (FCS Pacific, NAU-TV, FS Arizona, Watch Big Sky) Jordan Byrd, Sharon Falor, Heather Hodgeson

9 PM- San Francisco at BYU (BYUtv) Spencer Linton, Kristen Kozlowski , Andy Boyce

9 PM- Wisconsin at Minnesota (BTN) Kevin Kugler, Mary Murphy

10 PM- Portland at Pepperdine (TV-32) Josh Perigo

11:59 PM- UC Davis at Hawaii (OC Sports, BigWest.TV) Jim Leahey, Lori Santi

Friday, January 24
9 PM- USC at California (Pac-12 minus OR & WA) Mary Murphy, Krista Blunk

9 PM- Washington at Oregon State (Pac-12 OR & WA) Ann Schatz, Rosalyn Gold-Onwude

11 PM- UCLA at Stanford (Pac-12) Anne Marie Anderson, Tammy Blackburn

Saturday, January 25
Noon- FIU at UAB (FSN) Ron Thulin, Debbie Antonelli

2 PM- Kansas at Kansas State (FSN) Bob Licht, Brenda VanLengen

2 PM- UCF at Cincinnati (FS Ohio) Tom Gelehrter, Betsy Ross

2 PM- Lehigh at Lafayette (Lafayette Sports Network, Patriot League Network) Gary Laubach, John Leone

2 PM- Sam Houston State at Abilene Christian (ESPN3) David Saltzman, Jim Haller, Chris Mycoskie

2 PM- Missouri State at Indiana State (ESPN3) Scott Warmann, Jill Hutchison

2 PM- Rutgers at Temple (American Digital) Jeff Brightwell, Sylvia Crawley Milbry

3 PM- Old Dominion at Middle Tennessee (WNAB) Chip Walters, Kyle Turnham, Katie Meyers

3 PM- Tennessee Tech at Austin Peay (Peay Nation Sports TV Network, OVC Digital) Will Pryor, Flo Hurdle

3 PM- SMU at Houston (American Digital) Matt Thomas, Elizabeth Lay

4 PM- Santa Clara at BYU (BYUtv) Spencer Linton, Kristen Kozlowski, Andy Boyce

4 PM- West Virginia at Texas (LONG) Fran Harris, Nell Fortner

4 PM- Samford at Chattanooga (ESPN3) Darren Goldwater, Robin Mueller

4:30 PM- Kennesaw State at USC Upstate (ESPN3) Matt Smith, Jim Hennehan

5 PM- Gonzaga at Pepperdine (TV-32) Josh Perigo

7 PM- Indiana at Iowa (BTN) Lisa Byington, Vera Jones

7 PM- North Florida at Florida Gulf Coast (ESPN3) David Moulton, J. Webb Horton

7:30 PM- Saint Mary's at Pacific ( Don Gubbins, Alan Sanchez

8 PM- Iowa State at Texas Tech (FS Southwest+) Robert Giovanetti, Andy Penney, Courtney Davis

8 PM- TCU at Oklahoma (FCS Central, FS Oklahoma) Chad McKee, Dan Hughes, Jessica Coody

10 PM- UC Irvine at Hawaii (OC Sports, Jim Leahey, Lori Santi

Sunday, January 26
Noon- South Florida at Connecticut (CBS Sports) Brent Stover, Tammy Blackburn

12:30 PM- Michigan State at Ohio State (BTN) Kevin Lee, Patricia Babcock McGraw

1 PM- Minnesota at Penn State (CBS, Dave Ryan, Debbie Antonelli

1 PM- Memphis at Louisville (ESPNU) Jim Barbar, Steffi Sorensen

1 PM- Arkansas at Kentucky (FS SportSouth, ESPN3) Dave Baker, Mark Wise

2 PM- South Carolina at Vanderbilt (ESPN2) Joe Davis, Katie Smith

2 PM- Northern Illinois at Bowling Green (TWCS, BCSN, ESPN3) Mike Cairns, Jackie Windon

2 PM- LSU at Mississippi (SEC TV, ESPN3) Cara Capuano, Nell Fortner

2 PM- Pittsburgh at Duke (ESPN3) Ryan Craig, Debbie Taylor

2 PM- Miami [FL] at Clemson (ESPN3) Roy Philpott, Ralph Patterson

2 PM- Virginia at Syracuse (ACC Regional, ESPN3) Tom Werme, Christy Winters-Scott

2 PM- Virginia Tech at Florida State (ESPN3) Tom Block, Melissa Bruner

2 PM- NC State at Georgia Tech (ESPN3) Nolan Alexander, Kurt Hoyt

3 PM- Auburn at Florida (ESPNU) Melissa Lee, Maria Taylor

3 PM- Arizona State at Colorado (Pac-12 minus WA & OR) Anne Marie Anderson, Rosalyn Gold Onwude

3 PM- Washington at Oregon (Pac-12 WA & OR) Ann Schatz, Julie Rousseau

3 PM- Missouri at Mississippi State (FS SportSouth, ESPN3) Jenn Hildreth, Daymeon Fishback

3 PM- Georgia at Alabama (CSS, ESPN3) Matt Stewart, Joe Ciampi

4 PM- Tennessee at Texas A&M (ESPN2) Pam Ward, Carolyn Peck

4 PM- Baylor at Oklahoma State (FSN) Ron Thulin, Brenda VanLengen

4:30 PM- New Hampshire at UMass Lowell (ESPN3) Eric Frede, Vera Jones

6 PM- Georgetown at St. John's (Fox Sports 1) Chris Shearn, Leslie Hall

6 PM- Saint Joseph's at Dayton (NBCSN) Steve Schlanger, Brooke Weisbrod

9 PM- UCLA at California (Pac-12) Mary Murphy, Krista Blunk

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