Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ESPN Radio Live Sports Schedule 6/10-6/17

Throughout the year ESPN Radio provides select coverage of college football, men's basketball, Major League Baseball, and the National Basketball Association. For the next month though, ESPN Radio will be providing multiple sporting events each day. With the World Cup and with the US Open starting this week, ESPN Radio begins a busy stretch that many sports fans will love. This only includes the national broadcasts and not local broadcasts. Here's what ESPN Radio will carry live over the next week. Announcing assignments for this schedule can be found in the individual posts. I wil continue to do this individual post until the World Cup 1st round is over to make it easier for those who are only interested in the radio side.
Tuesday, June 10
9 PM- NBA Finals, Game 3: Spurs at Heat
Wednesday, June 11
8:30 PM- MLB: Braves at Rockies
Thursday, June 12
10 AM- PGA: US Open, Round 1
3:30 PM- World Cup: Brazil vs. Croatia
9 PM- NBA Finals, Game 4: Spurs at Heat
Friday, June 13
10 AM- PGA: US Open, Round 2
11:30 AM- World Cup: Mexico vs. Cameroon
2:30 PM- World Cup: Spain vs. Netherlands
5:30 PM- World Cup: Chile vs. Australia
Saturday, June 14
11:30 AM- World Cup: Colombia vs. Greece
2 PM- PGA: US Open, Round 3
2:30 PM- World Cup: Uruguay vs. Costa Rica
5:30 PM- World Cup: England vs. Italy
8:30 PM- World Cup: Ivory Coast vs. Japan
Sunday, June 15
11:30 AM- World Cup: Switzerland vs. Ecuador
2 PM- PGA: US Open, Round 4
2:30 PM- World Cup: France vs. Honduras
5:30 PM- World Cup: Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina
8 PM- MLB: Angels at Braves
8 PM- NBA Finals, Game 5: Heat at Spurs
Monday, June 16
11:30 AM- World Cup: Germany vs. Portugal
2:30 PM- World Cup: Iran vs. Nigeria
5:30 PM- World Cup: Ghana vs. USA
Tuesday, June 17
11:30 AM- World Cup: Belgium vs. Algeria
2:30 PM- World Cup: Brazil vs. Mexico
5:30 PM- World Cup: Russia vs. South Korea
9 PM- NBA Finals, Game 6 (if nec): Spurs at Heat

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