Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Experimental Football League (FXFL) begins next week

The FXFL begins action next week. If you're like me, you're probably asking what on each is the FXFL and why should I care? The FXFL stands for the Fall Experimental Football League. It will suit up with 4 teams. Currently 3 of the teams are scheduled to play 5 games while one team, the Blacktips, are scheduled to play only 3 games, all road games. The Blacktips were originally supposed to be located in Miami and go by the name Florida, but they dropped the Florida part after not finding a home venue.

The lack of a home venue for the Blacktips also altered the schedule intentions of the FXFL. The FXFL was originally hoping that each team would be able to play a home-and-home series. 

The games are scheduled to be televised on regional sports networks across the US. SNY (Brooklyn), NESN (Boston), Cox Sports South (Blacktips), Comcast Northwest, Comcast Chicago, and Altitude (Omaha) will carry the games. 

For those wondering why the strange Comcast Northwest broadcast, one of the two teams originally announced that will not play this season is Portland. As for why Comcast Chicago is on there, I have no idea. I suspect Time Warner's Texas Channel would be added if the Austin Outlaws were playing this season. Below is the current schedule.

Wednesday, October 8
8 PM- Boston at Omaha- 8 PM

Wednesday, October 15
7:30 PM- Boston at Brooklyn
8 PM- Blacktips at Omaha

Friday, October 24
7:30 PM- Blacktips at Boston
7:30 PM- Omaha at Brooklyn

Friday, October 31
7:30 PM- Brooklyn at Boston

Wednesday, November 5
8 PM- Boston at Omaha

Friday, November 7
7:30 PM- Blacktips at Brooklyn

Wednesday, November 12
8 PM- Brooklyn at Omaha

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