Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup Round of 16 TV Schedule

The "Summer of Soccer" on the men's side continues this week with the Round of 16. No, I didn't come up with the "Summer of Soccer" title. Fox is using it as their main theme thanks to ther coverage of the UEFA Europa Final, UEFA Champions Final, U-20 World Cup, Women's World Cup, International friendlies, and, of course, Major League Soccer.

Beginning with the Quarterfinals Fox will provide their own commentary teams for the remainder of the tournament for every match-up. However the Round of 16 will continue to utilize the World Feed for the non-USA matches. 

All times listed are Eastern Daylight Time. Since none of these matches begin before midnight, the actual day they'll air is used. Here's your Round of 16 schedule breakdown.

TV plans for the remaining 5 games should be finalized tomorrow. The midnight games Wednesday will be on FS1 and FS2 while the 3 Thursday 3:30 AM games will be FS1, FS2, and FOXSOC+.

Wednesday, June 10
Midnight- Ghana vs. Mali (FS1) Dan O'Hagan
(NBCU) Sammy Sadovnik, Manuel Sol

Midnight- Serbia vs. Hungary (FS2) Tony Lockwood

3:30 AM- USA vs. Colombia (FS1) Mark Rogondino, Cobi Jones (US)/ Dan O'Hagan (world)
(NBCU/TELE) Andrés Cantor, Carlos Hermosillo

3:30 AM- Ukraine vs. Senegal (FS2) John Helm

Thursday, June 11
Midnight- Austria vs. Uzbekistan (FS2) John Helm
(NBCU) Copán Álvarez, Frederik Oldenburg

3:30 AM- Brazil vs. Uruguay (FS1Dan O'Hagan
(TELE) Sammy Sadovnik, Manuel Sol

 3:30 AM- Germany vs. Nigeria (FS2Tony Lockwood
(NBCU) Copán Álvarez, Manuel Sol

3:30 AM- Portugal vs. New Zealand (FOXSOC+) Andrew Dewhurst

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