Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015-16 College Football National Radio Schedule

Most of the national radio schedules have now been released. We still have to wait to see if Nevada Sports Network will pick up any regular season games, but here is the currently known NCAA Football national radio schedule. 

As a quick note- there is NO mistake in the ESPN Radio schedule. The new contract entered into last year allows ESPN Radio to not air every USC home game nationally. Currently 3 games have been picked up and 3 won't be aired nationally. 

Sept 3- 8 PM- Utah at Michigan

Sept 4- 9:30 PM- Washington at Boise State

Sept 12- 7:30 PM- Oregon at Michigan State 

Sept 19- 5:30 PM- South Carolina at Georgia

Sept 26- USC at Arizona State

Oct 3- Texas at TCU

Oct 10- Georgia at Tennessee

Oct 17- Florida at LSU

Oct 24- Auburn at Arkansas 

Oct 29- 10 PM- Oregon at Arizona State

Oct 31- Arizona at Washington 

Nov 7- Minnesota at Ohio State 

Nov 14- NC State at Florida State 

Nov 21- LSU at Ole Miss

Nov 28- Florida State at Florida 

Dec 5- Texas at Baylor


Dec 26- SUN BOWL


January 1, 2016- OUTBACK BOWL

Sept 3- 8:30 PM- TCU at Minnesota 

Sept 5- 11:30 AM- Stanford at Northwestern 

Sept 12- 8:45 PM- LSU at Mississippi State 

Sept 19- 3 PM- Nebraska at Miami (FL)

Sept 26- TCU at Texas Tech 

Oct 3- Iowa at Nebraska 

Oct 10- Arkansas at Alabama

Oct 17- Alabama at Texas A&M 

Oct 24- Washington at Stanford

Oct 31- Illinois at Penn State 

Nov 7- LSU at Alabama

Nov 14- Oregon at Stanford 

Nov 21- Baylor at Oklahoma State 

Nov 28- Oklahoma at Oklahoma State 

Dec 5- Big Ten Championship

Sept 5- 3 PM- BYU at Nebraska

Sept 5- 6:30 PM- Arizona State vs. Texas A&M 

Sept 7- 7:30 PM- Ohio State at Virginia Tech 

Sept 12- 5:30 PM- Oklahoma at Tennessee 

Sept 19- 8:45 PM- Ole Miss at Alabama 

Sept 26- UCLA at Arizona 

Oct 3- Mississippi State at Texas A&M

Oct 10- Texas vs. Oklahoma

Oct 10- Wisconsin at Nebraska 

Oct 17- Michigan State at Nebraska 

Oct 24- Clemson at Miami (FL) 

Oct 31- 3 PM- Georgia vs. Florida 

Nov 7- Florida State at Clemson

Nov 14- Georgia at Auburn 

Nov 21- USC at Oregon 

Nov 27- 7 PM- Baylor at TCU 

Nov 28- Alabama at Auburn 

Dec 5- SEC Championship

January 9, 2016- FCS CHAMPIONSHIP

Sept 5- 2:30 PM- Louisville at Auburn 

Sept 5- 6 PM- Alabama vs. Wisconsin

Sept 5- 10:30 PM- Arkansas State at USC 

Sept 12- 6:30 PM- Kentucky at South Carolina

Sept 17- 6:30 PM- Clemson at Louisville 

Sept 19- 3 PM- Auburn at LSU 

Sept 19- 8 PM- Stanford at USC 

Sept 26- Texas A&M at Arkansas

Oct 3- Alabama at Georgia 

Oct 10- Georgia Tech at Clemson 

Oct 15- 6:30 PM- UCLA at Stanford

Oct 17- West Virginia at Baylor

Oct 24- Tennessee at Alabama 

Oct 31- Ole Miss at Auburn 

Nov 5- 6:30 PM- Baylor at Kansas State

Nov 7- Auburn at Texas A&M

Nov 7- Arizona at USC 

Nov 12- 6:30 PM- Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech 

Nov 14- Arkansas at LSU 

Nov 14- Oklahoma at Baylor

Nov 21- Michigan State at Ohio State 

Nov 21- TCU at Oklahoma

Nov 27- Texas A&M at LSU 

Nov 28- Ohio State at Michigan 

Nov 28- UCLA at USC 

Dec 4 or 5- Pac-12 Championship

Dec 5- ACC Championship

The majority of the bowl games will also air on ESPN Radio.

Sept 3- 6 PM- North Carolina at South Carolina

Sept 12- Noon- Oregon State at Michigan

Sept 18- 8 PM- Florida State at Boston College

Sept 26- Mississippi State at Auburn

Oct 3-Arizona State at UCLA

Oct 10- Miami (FL) at Florida State

Oct 17- Penn State at Ohio State

Oct 24- Texas A&M at Ole Miss

Oct 31- USC at California

Nov 7- Michigan State at Nebraska

Nov 14- Alabama at Mississippi State

Nov 22- Tennessee at Missouri

Nov 28- Clemson at South Carolina

Dec 5- MWC Championship

December 23- GODADDY BOWL

Sept 5- 7:30 PM- Texas at Notre Dame

Sept 12- 3:30 PM- Notre Dame at Virginia

Sept 19- Georgia Tech at Notre Dame 

Sept 26- 3:30 PM- UMass at Notre Dame 

Oct 3- Notre Dame at Clemson 

Oct 10- 3:30 PM- Navy at Notre Dame 

Oct 17- 7:30 PM- USC at Notre Dame

Oct 31- Notre Dame at Temple    

Nov 7- Notre Dame at Pittsburgh 

Nov 14- 3:30 PM- Wake Forest at Notre Dame

Nov 21- 7:30 PM- Notre Dame at Boston College 

Nov 28- Notre Dame at Stanford

Sept 5- 3:30 PM- BYU at Nebraska

Sept 12- 10:15 PM- Boise State at BYU

Sept 19- 10:30 PM- BYU at UCLA 

Sept 26- BYU at Michigan 

Oct 2- 10:15 PM- Connecticut at BYU

Oct 10- East Carolina at BYU

Oct 16- 8 PM- Cincinnati at BYU

Oct 24- 3 PM- Wagner at BYU

Nov 6- 11:30 PM- BYU at San Jose State 

Nov 14- BYU vs. Missouri

Nov 21- Fresno State at BYU

Nov 28- 3:30 PM- BYU at Utah State  

Sept 4- 7 PM- Michigan State at Western Michigan 

Sept 12- 8 PM- Oregon at Michigan State 

Sept 19- 12 PM- Air Force at Michigan State 

Sept 26- Central Michigan at Michigan State 

Oct 3- 12 PM- Purdue at Michigan State 

Oct 10- 8 PM- Rutgers at Michigan State 

Oct 17- Michigan at Michigan State 

Oct 24- Indiana at Michigan State 

Nov 7- Michigan State at Nebraska 

Nov 14- Maryland at Michigan State 

Nov 21- Michigan State at Ohio State 

Nov 28- Penn State at Michigan State  




Sept 4- 7 PM- Jacksonville at Delaware (HSRN1)

Sept 5- 3:30 PM- Morgan State at Air Force (HSRN3)

Sept 5- 6 PM- William & Mary at Lafayette (HSRN1) 

Sept 5- 9 PM- Prairie View A&M at Texas Southern (HSRN2)

Sept 6- 7 PM- Alabama State at Tennessee State (HSRN1)

Sept 12- 6 PM- Villanova at Fordham (HSRN2)

Sept 12- 7 PM- Tennessee State vs Jackson State (HSRN1) 

Sept 18- 7:30 PM- Hampton vs Howard (HSRN1)

Sept 19- 1 PM- Harvard at Rhode Island (HSRN1)

Sept 19- 6 PM- Princeton at Lafayette (HSRN1) 

Sept 19- 7 PM- Grambling State at Alabama State (HSRN2) 

Sept 24- 7 PM- Penn at Villanova (HSRN1) 

Sept 26- 1 PM- Monmouth at Fordham (HSRN1) 

Sept 26- 3 PM- Towson at Elon (HSRN2) 

Sept 26- 4:30 PM- Howard vs Morgan State (HSRN3) 

Oct 1- 7:30 PM- Alabama State at Texas Southern (HSRN1) 

Oct 3- Noon- Stony Brook at James Madison (HSRN1) 

  Oct 3- 12:30 PM- Yale at Lehigh (HSRN2) 

Oct 3- 1 PM- Norfolk State at Howard (HSRN3) 

Oct 3- 3:30 PM- Maine at Richmond (HSRN1) 

Oct 10- 1 PM- Lehigh at Bucknell (HSRN1) 

Oct 10- 3:30 PM- Maine at Albany (HSRN2) 

Oct 10- 7 PM- Southern at Alabama A&M (HSRN1) 

 Oct 17- Noon- Colgate at Georgetown (HSRN1) 

Oct 17- 5 PM- Prairie View A&M at Southern (HSRN3) 

Oct 17- 6 PM- Towson at Stony Brook (HSRN1) 

Oct 24- 12:30 PM- Stony Brook at Maine (HSRN1) 

Oct 24- 1 PM- Lafayette at Holy Cross (HSRN2) 

Oct 24- 2 PM- Morgan State at North Carolina Central (HSRN3) 

Oct 31- 12:30 PM- Georgetown at Lehigh (HSRN1) 

Oct 31- 3:30 PM- Alabama A&M vs Alabama State (HSRN2) 

 Oct 31- 4 PM- Delaware at Towson (HSRN1)

Nov 7- 1 PM- Bucknell at Fordham (HSRN1) 

Nov 7- 7 PM- Alabama State at Jackson State (HSRN1) 

Nov 14- 1 PM- Holy Cross at Bucknell (HSRN1) 

Nov 14- 1:30 PM- Towson at William & Mary (HSRN2)   

Nov 21- 1 PM- Bucknell at Colgate (HSRN1) 

 Nov 21- 1 PM- Maine at New Hampshire (HSRN2) 

Nov 28- TBA- Patriot League & CAA Playoff matches (HSRN2, HSRN3)

Nov 28- 5 PM-  Southern vs Grambling State (HSRN1) 

 Dec 5- TBA- SWAC Championship (HSRN1)

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