Friday, November 9, 2012

ESPN's College Basketball Announce Teams 2012-13

Earlier this week ESPN posted their new announce teams for the 2012-13 season. There were quite a few changes. Some people have known about for a while. Others came as a complete surprise.

For example most people knew that Bob Knight had been moved from the Big 12 games to SEC games. As a result he will call a few select Kentucky road games this season, despite his major negativity towards Kentucky.

What many people didn't know though is the impact the new Pac-12 contract would have. Dave Flemming and Sean Farnham have been partners for the past 4 years. That stays the same on Saturdays, though they now become Pac-12 announcers on Saturdays. For thursday nights Sean Farnham has been moved to Big Ten broadcasts. Many people would assume that Miles Simon would probably replace Farnham since he was the WCC backup announcer for ESPN last year. That's not the case. Simon has been placed with Roxy Bernstein on ESPNU Pac-12 thursday Nights. In fact Flemming's partner is listed as TBA.

Another big change this year is NBC Sports Networks involvement in college basketball. Last year NBC Sports Network had 10 regular season MWC games, the MWC Conference Championships, and a few pre-season tourney games. This year NBC Sports Network has the selected MWC games, but they have also added games from the CAA, the Atlantic 10, and the Ivy League. In addition to keeping the well respected Blaine Fowler for their MWC broadcasts, they have brought in a big name in the form of Lewis Johnson to help with their college basketball broadcasts. They have also announced that Tom Hammond will be involved in some select broadcasts.

However this post isn't about NBC Sports Network as a whole. No, this is solely about the ESPN Announce Teams. Below is this years ESPN annoucne teams for roughly 90% of the games.

Dan Shulman & Dick Vitale

BIG Monday
Big East- Sean McDonough, Jay Bilas, & Bill Raftery
Big 12- Brent Musburger, Fran Fraschilla, & Holly Rowe

SUPER Tuesday
Big Ten- Mike Tirico, Dan Dakich, & Samantha Steele
SEC- Brad Nessler, Jimmy Dykes, & Shannon Spake

Wednesday Night Hoops
ACC on ESPN or ESPN2- Dan Shulman or Dave O'Brien & Dick Vitale, Jay Bilas, or Doris Burke
Big East on ESPN or ESPN2- Mike Patrick & LaPhonso Ellis
Big 12 on ESPN or ESPN2- Bob Wischusen & Stephen Bardo
Pac-12 on ESPN or ESPN2- Dave Pasch & Bill Walton
Big 12 on ESPNU- Mitch Holthus & Matt Doherty
Big East on ESPNU- Adam Amin & Tim Welsh

Thursday Night Showcase
ACC on ESPN or ESPN2- Dave O'Brien, Dick Vitale, Jay Bilas, or Doris Burke, & Jeannine Edwards
Big Ten on ESPN or ESPN2- Joe Tessitore & Sean Farnham
SEC on ESPN or ESPN2- Rece Davis & Bob Knight
Pac-12 on ESPN or ESPN2- Dave Pasch & Bill Walton
Big East on ESPN or ESPN2- John Saunders & Various Analysts
WCC on ESPN2- Dave Flemming & TBD
Pac-12 on ESPNU- Roxy Bernstein & Miles Simon

MAAC on ESPNU- Doug Sherman & Tim O'Toole
Horizon on ESPNU- Jim Barbar & Malcolm Huckaby

ESPN Prietime- Dan Shulman, Dick Vitale, & Shannon Spake
Big East on ESPN- Mike Patrick & Len Elmore
Big Ten on ESPN- Bob Wischusen & Dan Dakich
Big 12 on ESPN- Jon Sciambi & Fran Fraschilla
ACC on ESPN- Dave O'Brien & Doris Burke
SEC on ESPN- Mark Jones & Jimmy Dykes
Big East on ESPNU- Beth Mowins & Tim Welsh
 SEC on ESPNU- Tom Hart & Matt Doherty
Pac-12 on ESPNU- Dave Flemming & Sean Farnham

ACC Sunday Night Basketball on ESPNU- Carter Blackburn, Jay Williams, & Allison Williams
MVC on ESPNU- Mitch Holthus & Mark Adams

SEC Network (Wednesday's & Saturday's)
Clay Matvick, Dave Baker, Dave Neal, or Dave LaMont & Joe Dean, Kara Lawson, Barry Booker, Jon Sundvold, or Kyle Macey

Big 12 Network (Tuesday's, Wednesday's, & Saturday's)
Dave Armstrong, Mitch Holthus, or Brad Sham & Reid Gettys, Stephen Howard, Bryndon Mazer, Chris Piper, or Rich Zvosec

Big East Network (Saturday's & select Sunday's) 
Anish Shroff & Bob Wenzel

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