Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Men's Olympic Curling Schedule

As with the women's side, all curling matches will be available live on NBCOlympics.com, and every USA match will be shown on a NBC Olympic network. Most of the US Curling matches will be same day tape delay, though the USA Network matches will be live. If you feel unpatriotic though or want to watch whom you believe will be a medal winning team, then we have the schedule broken down for you. 

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All times posted are EST.

Monday, February 10
Midnight- Canada vs. Germany
Russia vs. Great Britain
Switzerland vs. Sweden
Denmark vs. China

10 AM- USA vs. Norway (shown 5 PM on CNBC) 
Denmark vs. Russia
Canada vs. Switzerland
Sweden vs. Great Britain

Tuesday, February 11
5 AM- USA vs. China (USA)
Canada vs. Sweden
Great Britain vs. Germany
Norway vs. Russia

Wednesday, February 12
Midnight- USA vs. Denmark (shown 3 AM on NBCSN)
Norway vs. Germany
China vs. Switzerland

10 AM- Russia vs. Canada
Germany vs. China
Switzerland vs. Great Britain (shown 5 PM on CNBC)
Denmark vs. Sweden

Thursday, February 13
5 AM- USA vs. Great Britain (USA)
Sweden vs. Norway
Canada vs. Denmark (shown 10 AM MSNBC)
Russia vs. Switzerland

Friday, February 14
Midnight- USA vs. Germany (shown 3 AM on NBCSN)
Canada vs. Norway
Sweden vs. China

10 AM- USA vs. Russia (shown 5 PM on CNBC)
Great Britain vs. Denmark
China vs. Norway
Switzerland vs. Germany

Saturday, February 15
5 AM- Canada vs. Great Britain 
Sweden vs. Germany
Denmark vs. Switzerland
Russia vs. China

Sunday, February 16
Midnight- USA vs. Canada (shown 3 AM on NBCSN)
Great Britain vs. Norway
Sweden vs. Russia

10 AM- USA vs. Sweden (shown 4 PM on CNBC)
Canada vs. China
Norway vs. Switzerland
Germany vs. Denmark

Monday, February 17
5 AM- USA vs. Switzerland (USA)
Great Britain vs. China
Germany vs. Russia
Norway vs. Denmark

Tuesday, February 18
Tiebreaker matches, times TBA at Midnight, 5 AM, & 10 AM

Wednesday, February 19
10 AM- Semifinals (one shown 2:30 PM on MSNBC, 2nd shown 5 PM on CNBC)

Friday, February 21
3:30 AM- Bronze Medal Match

8:30 AM- Gold Medal Match (shown 5 PM on CNBC)

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