Monday, February 3, 2014

NBC Networks Men's Olympic Hockey TV Schedule

This year every men's hockey game will air on a NBC network live. I was going to wait until next week to post this, since the games don't begin until then, but then I thought I'd do a daily Olympic TV schedule posting, so I can do this in advance. Here's your full breakdown for the men's games.

sochi 2014
Wednesday, February 12
Noon- Czech Republic vs. Sweden (USA) 

Noon- Latvia vs. Switzerland (MSNBC) 

Thursday, February 13
3 AM- Finland vs. Austria (NBCSN) 

7:30 AM- Slovakia vs. USA (NBCSN) 

7:30 AM- Russia vs. Slovenia (MSNBC)

Noon- Canada vs. Norway (USA) 

Friday, February 14
3 AM- Czech Republic vs. Latvia (MSNBC) 

7:30 AM- Sweden vs. Switzerland (NBCSN) 

Noon- Canada vs. Austria (USA) 

Noon- Norway vs. Finland (MSNBC) 

Saturday, February 15
3 AM- Slovakia vs. Slovenia (MSNBC) 

7:30 AM- USA vs. Russia (NBCSN) 

Noon- Switzerland vs. Czech Republic (NBCSN) 

Noon- Sweden vs. Latvia (USA)

Sunday, February 16
3 AM- Austria vs. Norway (USA) 

7:30 AM- Slovenia vs. USA (NBCSN) 

7:30 AM- Russia vs. Slovakia (USA) 

Noon- Finland vs. Canada (USA) 

Tuesday, February 18
3 AM- Qualification #1 (NBCSN) 

7:30 AM- Qualification #2 (NBCSN) 

Noon- Qualification #3 (NBCSN) 

Noon- Qualification #4 (MSNBC) 

Wednesday, February 19
3 AM- Quarterfinal #1 (NBCSN) 

7:30 AM- Quarterfinal #2 (NBCSN) 

Noon- Quarterfinal #3 (USA) 

Noon- Quarterfinal #4 (MSNBC) 

Friday, February 21
7 AM- Semifinal #1 (NBCSN) 

Noon- Semifinal #2 (NBCSN) 

Saturday, February 22
10 AM- Bronze Medal Game (NBCSN) 

Sunday, February 23
7 AM- Gold Medal Game (NBC)

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