Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sorry soccer fans, I've cut the English Premier listings

I'm sure some of you have paid attention and noticed that the last 3 weeks I haven't listed the English Premier League listings. There is a simple reason for this. There just aren't enough people coming to view the information. In a typical week I average 150+ people viewing the women's basketball games. I average more than 300 viewing the men's basketball games. The NBA and NHL ones are a small stipend, but they both average around 50. Originally I posted the English Premier League info here and was averaging around that same amount. I added the talkSPORT radio info hoping to increase that number. Instead I had the number of viewers drop by around 20, to around 30 a week. The lone exception to this was the weekday matchday. Still, I don't see the need to include them if people aren't going to view them. So again I say to you sorry soccer fans. I will include the MLS when its new season starts, but there just isn't enough demand for me to keep going with the English Premier League.

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