Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2016 Rio Olympics Day -2 TV Schedule

All games today will be shown live on the Olympic Soccer Channel in addition to the network listed below except Zimbabwe vs. Germany. 

Wednesday, August 3
Women's Soccer
11:30 AM- Sweden vs. South Africa (NBCSN) Mark Followill, Angela Hucles

2 PM- Canada vs. Australia (NBCSN) Steve Cangialosi, Danielle Slaton

3 PM- Brazil vs. China (USA) Mark Followill, Angela Hucles
(NBCU) Copán Álvarez, Frederik Oldenberg

5 PM- Zimbawbe vs. Germany (USA) Steve Cangialosi, Danielle Slaton

6 PM- USA vs. New Zealand (NBCSN) Arlo White, Kate Markgraf, Sebastian Salazar
(NBCU) Sammy Sadovnik, Carlos Hermosillo

9 PM- France vs. Colombia (NBCSN) Steve Cangialosi, Danielle Slaton

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