Monday, August 8, 2016

2016 Rio Olympics Day 3 TV Schedule

Monday, August 8
10 AM- Rowing: Qualifying Heats

Men's Water Polo: USA vs. Spain

Swimming: Qualifying Heats

Canoe/Kayak: Whitewater Qualifying

2 PM- Women's Volleyball: USA vs. Netherlands

3:45 PM- Men's Beach Volleyball: USA vs. Austria

Canoe/Kayak: Whitewater Qualifying

8 PM- Men's Diving: Platform Synchronized Gold Medal Final

Men's Gymnastics: Team Gold Medal Final

Women's Beach Volleyball: USA vs. China

Women’s 200m Freestyle – Semifinals
Men’s 200m Freestyle – Gold Medal Final
Women’s 100m Backstroke – Gold Medal Final
Men’s 100m Backstroke – Gold Medal Final
Women’s 100m Breaststroke – Gold Medal Final
Men’s 200m Butterfly – Semifinals
Women’s 200m Individual Medley – Semifinals

9 AM- Women's Field Hockey: USA vs. Australia
Women's Fencing: Individual Sabre, Round of 32
11 AM- Women's Basketball: USA vs. Spain
1 PM- Women's Fencing: Individual Sabre, Quarterfinals
Women's Rugby: Semifinals
Table Tennis: Singles Third Round
3 PM- Women's Fencing: Individual Sabre Semifinals & Medal matches
 Archery: Individual Eliminations

6 PM- Men's Basketball: USA vs. Venezuela

8 PM- Men's Water Polo: Croatia vs. Montenegro

Weightlifting: Medal Matches

9:30 PM- Women's Volleyball: Brazil vs. Argentina

Boxing: Elimination Matches
9 AM- Equestrian: Eventing, Cross Country

Noon- Equestrian: Eventing, Cross Country

Table Tennis: Singles Third Round

2:30 PM- Beach Volleyball

Women's Handball: Brazil vs. Romania

9:30 AM- Tennis

11 AM- Women's: Spain vs. USA

1:15 PM- Men's: Serbia vs. Australia

3 PM- Women's: Serbia vs. Canada

4:30 PM- Women's: Spain vs. USA encore

6 PM- Men's: USA vs. Venezuela

7:45 PM- Women's: Japan vs. Brazil

9:30 PM- Men's: Nigeria vs. Argentina

11:15 PM- Women's: Senegal vs. China

Noon- Beach Volleyball

Women's Volleyball: China vs. Italy

1:15 PM- Men's Basketball: Serbia vs. Australia

3 PM- Men's Shooting: Trap Medal Finals

Judo: Finals


5 PM- Men's Water Polo: Hungary vs. Australia

Women's Rugby: Bronze and Gold Medal Matches

Beach Volleyball

Table Tennis: Singles 4th Round

Noon- Women's Beach Volleyball: Brazil vs. Argentina

4 PM- Women's Volleyball: Serbia vs. Puerto Rico

6 PM- Men's Basketball: USA vs. Venezuela

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