Monday, July 21, 2014

Sports USA to stream college football games online in 2014

Since 2008 ESPN Radio has been able to stream all their college games live online. In 2009 Compass Media Networks was created, and they started streaming all their college broadcasts live online that same season. Last year Westwood One joined the party and announced all their collegiate broadcasts, and virtually every sporting event they had the rights too outside the NFL, would be streamed online. While they do not stream their broadcasts on their website, Touchdown Radio has always allowed their affiliates to stream their broadcasts nationwide. This year Sports USA is joining the streaming crew.
Earlier this year Sports USA unveilied their new TuneIn Channel. On the channel they stream all of their podcasts- Conversations with Joe Morgan, The Fred Dryer Show, Leigh Steinberg on Sports, Odds Are with Jimmy Vaccaro, Snake's Takes with Jake Plummer, and Ted Soebel's Excellent Sports Adventure. Beginning this August Sports USA will use the channel for streaming of all their live broadcasts, outside of the NFL.
Not only will Sports USA broadcasts, outside of the NFL, be available on TuneIn, but they will also be available on Audingo and on iTunes. The live action will begin with Sports USA's presentation of the Little League World Series on August 23-24 before they begin weekly broadcasts with college football August 30 with the Arkansas/ Auburn game. The full schedule of games that will be streamed is listed below.
If any additional information is made known to me before this fall, I will be sure to post it. However I can assure everyone that we will have links to all the national collegiate radio games being broadcast this fall. Most of the links we use will be for TuneIn, but for fans that would like to hear the broadcasts that haven't been able to before now, this will be a great year. The only question is which games will be the most interesting to tune in for?
2014 SPORTS USA Live Sports Streaming Schedule
August 23-24: Little League World Series
Aug 30: Arkansas at Auburn
Sept 6: Virginia Tech at Ohio State
Sept 13: UCLA at Texas
Sept 20: Mississippi State at LSU
Sept 27: Florida State at NC State
Oct 2: Arizona at Oregon
Oct 4: Alabama at Ole Miss
Oct 11: LSU at Florida
Oct 18: Washington at Oregon
Oct 25: Michigan at Michigan State
Nov. 1: Arizona at UCLA
Nov 8: Ohio State at Michigan State
Nov 15: South Carolina at Florida
Nov. 22: Stanford at Cal
Nov 29: South Carolina at Clemson
Dec. 6: Kansas State at Baylor
Dec. 20: Las Vegas Bowl
Dec. 27: Independence Bowl


  1. Great site. Love listening to college sports on the radio. Here in Cincinnati, no stations hardly carry any national college football games on Saturdays so it is great most are now available on the Internet. Do you think TRN will broadcast on line in the future?

    Thanks and keep up the great work

    1. From what I understand, all Touchdown Radio games will be streamed on TuneIn through KASR (, though I suppose that could be subject to change.