Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 CFL Week 9 TV Schedule & Announcing Assignments

Once again the CFL takes center stage this weekend on TSN and ESPN3. Next week will bring us to the halfway stage. Here's your updated standings and this weeks schedule. Sunday's announcing assignments will be filled in as soon as TSN posts the info. Surprisingly they still haven't yet.

(6-1) Calgary
(6-1) Edmonton
(5-2) Saskatchewan 
(5-3) BC
(5-3) Winnipeg

(3-5) Toronto 
(1-6) Hamilton
(1-6) Montreal
 (1-6) Ottawa 

Remember that in the CFL only 6 teams make the playoffs. The top two teams in each division make the playoffs. After that the 5th and 6th place teams are determined by whom has the most points. You get 2 points for each win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss. 

If two or more teams tie in a division, the following tiebreaking procedure is used.  
*Most wins in all games
*Head-to-head winning precentage
*Head-to-head point difference
*Tiebreakers 2 & 3 applied for all division games
*Tiebreakers 2 & 3 applied for all games
*Coin toss

* In a 3-team scenario, once a team is eliminated by one of the tiebreakers, the tiebreakers revert back to the first steo to determine which other team will be eliminated.
*Tiebreakers apply only within the division and don't apply to the 5/6 crossover. If the 3rd place team within a division is tied with the fourth place team from the other division, the 3rd place team within the division automatically gets the spot. Currently the tiebreaker would be used between BC and Winnipeg to determine who gets the 6-seed in the playoff. It would also be used to determine who gets the 1-seed between Calgary & Edmonton and the 2nd team from the East.

Friday, August 22
8:30 PM- Montreal Alouettes at Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Announcers: Rod Black, Duane Ford, Matthew Scianitti
RDS Announcers: Denis Casavant, Pierre Vercheval, Matthieu Prolux, Mike Sutherland, Marc Labrecque

Saturday, August 23
4 PM- Toronto Argonauts at Edmonton Eskimos
Announcers: Chris Cuthbert, Glen Suitor, Matthew Scianitti

Sunday, August 24
3 PM- Calgary Stampeders at Ottawa Redblacks
Announcers: Gord Miller, Duane Ford, Brent Wallace

7 PM- Saskatchewan Roughriders at BC Lions
Announcers: Chris Cuthbert, Glen Suitor, Matthew Scianitti

BYE: Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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