Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ESPN's World University Games Announcing Assignments

It has taken a bit to compile this information, as in it isn't posted anywhere else, but the following teams are being used by ESPN for their World University Games coverage. My thanks goes to Brenda VanLengen (over in Russia) for the assist.

BASKETBALL: Brenda VanLengen and Danny Lee/ Danny Lee and Craig Jonas

WOMEN'S BEACH VOLLEYBALL: Brenda VanLengen and Adam Johnson

WATER POLO: Danny Lee and Richard Corso

MEN'S BEACH VOLLEYBALL: Danny Lee and Adam Johnson

INDOOR VOLLEYBALL: Danny Lee and Adam Johnson

As you can see from these broadcasts, it's no wonder ESPN is not carrying some of the events they were planning on doing so (like Monday's Water Polo game). It's kind of difficult to have the same announcer at two locales at the same time.

ESPN3 is also carrying coverage of Diving, Track & Field, and Gymnastics. I am trying to find out if ESPN3 is using the International Feed for these broadcasts, which  believe they are, or if they have their own broadcast teams at them. As I learn who is calling these events, I plan on posting the information here.




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